About Us

Hi, my name is Chris Purdie and I am the founder and director of Ubique. I started out back in 2016 with a passion for IT and a drive for change. Having worked in the industry for some time, I realized that there was an opportunity to do things differently. To do things better. And with that Ubique was born. My goal has always been and will always be to provide forward thinking workable solutions with a personal style of service for each and every one of our customers. Here is a bit about us and why we do what we do.

Chris Purdie

Our Mission

Ubique provides forward thinking workable IT solutions for our customers and enables them to focus on what they do best.  


We want to make sure you get the best. But that doesn’t have to come at a premium.  We are constantly working to make sure that we can provide you with the most competative prices available.


It’s important to us that we are able to stand behind everything that we do with confidence.  This means always providing the best solution for our customer regardless of profit margin or sales incentive. 


We know that time is money. The fastest way to A to B isn’t always direct. It’s hard work, smart thinking and the drive to get the job done right the first time.

Cyber Essentials Certified